Business Logic Vulnerability via IDOR

How’s it going everyone. I’m Sagar Sajeev

In this writeup I would like to share how I was able to buy any product off an E-commerce website for $10. This was possible because of vulnerable parameter which made IDOR possible.

The target domain was a start-up E-commerce website.

The Important Stuff

You may be wondering how did I figure out the PID of other products. I could just add Product B to the cart and get PID from there.

Also I found that the ‘share this product’ option leaks the PID. So I could just copy it from there and use it here.

3. Replace the PID of Product A with PID of Product B in the POST request.

(Do remember that the amount parameter is still $10)

4. Forward the request. Total price will be listed as $10.

5. Make the purchase for $10.

Voilà , Now we have technically bought a $400 product for $10.

I know the steps above might have been a bit confusing. I tried my best to explain it in the simplest way possible.

If you’ve still got any doubts, please do contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn .


Submitted : 29–07–2022

Accepted : 06–08–2022

Resolved : 10–08–2022

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Happy Hunting!



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